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Fluxes for Copper, Magnesium and Zinc, Lead, Tin, Antimony

Cleaning, Drossing and Cover Fluxes

AlucoFlux YB – Melting cover for copper-zinc alloys containing over 8.0% zinc. This does not include the manganese-bronze alloys. Generates a dry, powdery dross cover.

AlucoFlux GB – Melting cover flux for copper and bronze alloys. Keeps melting unit clean. Reduces zinc loss, reduces fuming. Generates a glassy dross and provides for higher metal recovery.

AlucoFlux PC – Oxidizing cover and degassing flux for copper, brass and bronze. Removes aluminum and iron impurities. Induces oxidizing conditions that reduces hydrogen levels. Must be followed by deoxidization with AlucoFlux DO or phos-copper, or other deoxidizers.

AlucoFlux DO – Deoxidizing flux that is used for copper-nickel, aluminum-bronze, manganese-bronze and pure coppers. When used prior to pouring, eliminates the need for inert (nitrogen) degassing. Must be worked into metal or added to stream. Excellent for removing oxide build-up in channels of induction melting unit.

AlucoFlux SB – Provides a protective cover during the melting of yellow brass and other alloys with a high zinc content to prevent zinc fuming and resultant zinc loss. It will also absorb and agglomerate non-metallic impurities for easy removal by skimming.

Cleaning Fluxes for Aluminum-Bronze

AlucoFlux AB – Used with gas fired and electric induction furnaces on aluminum and manganese bronzes. Chemically cleans furnace walls, crucible walls and induction channels of oxides and slag build-up. Develops a fluid melting cover which gathers and dissolves oxides suspended in melt. Prevents excessive oxidation, minimizes gas absorption, removes aluminum oxides in aluminum-silicon-manganese bronzes. Eliminates build-up on walls of melting unit for copper base alloys. Degasses metal when worked into melt and reduces metal losses.

AlucoFlux AB-2 – A stronger version and more potent version of AlucoFlux AB.

Furnace Wall Cleaning Fluxes

AlucoFlux FW – The most effective flux for cleaning reverb furnace walls without affecting alumina refractories. Melts and softens oxides and dross-metal build-up for easier scraping. Its periodic use will keep metal clean of hard spots and furnace working at full capacity. The addition of Slag-Grip to the ladle or furnace will assist in removing the slag. Not for use in electric glow-bar furnaces.

AlucoFlux FW-11 – A finer, lower cost version of AlucoFlux FW specifically designed for application with flux guns (small orifice). Used to remove oxide build-up in all aluminum melting units except for electric glow-bar furnaces. Also used for dross treatment in a dross buggy.

AlucoFlux FWC – A very potent fluoride containing flux for aggressively cleaning furnace and crucible wall build-up.

AlucoFlux ILD – Used to protect reverb and electric glow-bar furnace walls from oxide buildup. This is also a good cover flux to prevent magnesium losses during additions.

Magnesium and Aluminum-Magnesium Fluxes

The AlucoFlux MG series melts quickly and forms a liquid protective blanket preventing oxidation and burning of the metal. The AlucoFlux MG series will also prevent and extinguish fires. These fluxes will refine the metal, combining with various oxides generated during melting and allowing the oxides to drop to the bottom of the crucible. The balance of the flux cover will increase in viscosity and crust over time, forming an effective and efficient cover. Not recommended for rare earth alloys.

AlucoFlux MG-1 – A melting cover and cleaning flux for melting magnesium alloys. MG –1 develops a very fluid cover. Must have ¼ inch or more cover. It also prevents and extinguishes magnesium fires.

AlucoFlux MG-5 – A barium-free version of MG – 1.

AlucoFlux MG-8 – A modified version of MG – 1 which develops a more viscous, thicker and heavier flux cover.

Zinc, Lead, Tin, and Antimony Fluxes

AlucoFluz ZN-2 – AlucoFlux ZN-2 is designed as a drossing and cleaning flux for low temperature melting alloys. With rabbling, the flux-dross mixture will form a light-weight, powdery dross low in metallics that can easily be removed with a skimmer. This is a fast-acting exothermic zinc drossing flux with moderate smoke evolution. Best for use with a power mixer. Use when faster action and a red-hot dross is desired. Also, it can be used on alloys of lead, tin and antimony.

Galvanizing Fluxes

AlucoFlux GFP – Formulated to meet the galvanizing industry’s non-fuming requirements. This is a low-smoke flux for use in pre-fluxing bath (hot water solution at 20o to 30o Baumé).

AlucoFlux GFL – Formulated to meet the galvanizing industry’s non-fuming requirements. This flux builds a fluid, liquid type blanket, which recovers very quickly when the item being galvanized is dipped.