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Nickel Magnesium Alloys - Nickel magnesium alloys are available as Nickel Magnesium No 1 alloy that contains 15% magnesium with the balance being nickel. Nickel Magnesium No. 4 is a 4.5% magnesium containing alloy with the balance composed of 30% iron with the balance being nickel. The density of NiMag No. 4 is 7.30 grams/cc, which means it can simply be tossed in ductile base iron and it sinks, no cover steel is needed and recoveries of magnesium are very high and consistent..

  • Electrolytic Squares
  • Pellets and Discs
  • F-Shot
  • Nickel Magnesium Alloys
    • Alloy No. 1, 3LC, 4, and 5